RM55 for Herbal Ball Thai Pack AMAZING Spa Ritual + Foot Scrub + Foot Spa at Jari Spa

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Wow!!mcm best je...jom kite manja2 kan diri kat JariSpa dgn harga yg sgt istimewa...dari RM300 kpd RM55 je...82% OFF!!
Sesuai utk lelaki dan perempuan..so leh la ajak suami kite for couple treatment kan...relax2 n manja2kan diri...
Jari Spa nie owned die Ayu Roslan, a former DJ at Radio Bernama 24.Pernah msk The Malay Mail, Kosmo, Migguan Malaysia, Berita Harian and TV3 and soon to be featured on Wanita & Glam and Utusan Malaysia

 Jari (fingers, in Malay) at Jari Spa symbolises the beautiful traditions of ancient Balinese massage rituals of healing through the art of kneading and pounding that’s proven to ease knots and twists trapped in our worn out bodies that require various trips to the spa. It’s a chance to drown in luxurious, serene surroundings whilst experienced masseuses knead to our need for total relaxation.

For RM55 only, enjoy the Herbal Ball Thai Pack massage, Foot Scrub and Foot Bath for a total of 90 minutes at Jari Spa.
The herbal ball contains Asian herbs like lemongrass, ginger, tamarind, kaffir limes and camphor bound in heated fabric. The warm bundles are then pressed or pounded over the entire body. The steam from the herbal compress releases medicinal aromatic properties that’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant whilst able to induce deep relaxation, relieves stress and fatigue, alleviate pain, stiff, sore or pulled muscles and ligaments, amongst others.
Then sooth the aches in your feet with the first dip of the foot bath and soak in intense pleasure after the much needed foot scrub.

Other body amazing spa rituals available at Jari Spa include the Nature Sense Spa Treatment, Royal Spa Treatment or Jari Indulgence Signature Treatment and slim down with the Traditional Slimming Treatment and Bust Firming Massage (RM145 for 30 minutes) that includes breast massage and mask.

p/s : rase2nye leh wat present tuk anniversary bln dpn.eerrmmmm...

klau berkenan klik2 la yea..


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